Shopify Plus vs Big Commerce Enterprise

Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise are both premium e-commerce platforms tailored for high-volume merchants and large businesses. Each offers a suite of features designed to support the needs of enterprise-level e-commerce operations, but they have distinct differences that might make one more suitable than the other depending on your business requirements.

Key Features Comparison

Scalability and Performance

  • Shopify Plus:

    • Unlimited bandwidth and transactions.
    • 99.99% uptime.
    • High API rate limits.
  • BigCommerce Enterprise:

    • Unlimited bandwidth.
    • 99.99% uptime.
    • More flexible API with a high rate limit for complex integrations.
  • Customization and Flexibility

    • Shopify Plus:

      • Custom checkout via checkout.liquid file.
      • Shopify Scripts for personalized shopping experiences.
      • Limited design flexibility with predefined themes.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise:

      • Stencil theme framework for extensive customization.
      • Server-to-server API for deeper integration.
      • More flexible URL structure and advanced SEO capabilities.

    Automation and Efficiency

    • Shopify Plus:

      • Shopify Flow for automation of tasks and processes.
      • Launchpad for automating sales events and product launches.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise:

      • Automated product categorization.
      • Robust API for automating business processes.
      • No native equivalent of Shopify Flow; relies on third-party integrations for automation.

    Support and Services

    • Shopify Plus:

      • Dedicated Merchant Success Manager.
      • 24/7 priority support.
      • Access to the Shopify Plus Academy for training and resources.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise:

      • Dedicated Account Manager.
      • Priority support with technical account managers.
      • Professional services for onboarding and setup.


    • Shopify Plus:

      • Multi-currency support.
      • Multi-language capabilities through third-party apps.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise:

      • Multi-currency and multi-language support built-in.
      • Advanced features for international SEO.

    Security and Compliance

    • Shopify Plus:

      • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance.
      • Advanced fraud detection tools.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise:

      • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance.
      • Multiple layers of security, including DDoS protection and site-wide HTTPS.

    Analytics and Reporting

    • Shopify Plus:

      • Advanced reporting tools.
      • Enhanced Google Analytics integration.
      • Shopify Plus Academy for data-driven insights.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise:

      • Comprehensive analytics and reporting suite.
      • Google Analytics and other third-party analytics tool integrations.
      • Customizable reporting for detailed business insights.

    Pricing Comparison

    • Shopify Plus: Pricing starts around $2,000 per month, with additional costs based on usage, customization, and transaction fees.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise: Pricing is customized based on the specific needs of the business, typically starting around $1,000 to $1,500 per month.

    Use Cases

    • Shopify Plus:

      • Ideal for businesses looking for rapid deployment and scalability.
      • Best for businesses that need extensive automation capabilities.
      • Suitable for merchants preferring a robust app ecosystem for extended functionality.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise:

      • Ideal for businesses needing extensive customization and flexibility.
      • Best for SEO-centric businesses and those needing advanced catalog management.
      • Suitable for merchants looking for built-in features rather than relying on third-party apps.

    Pros and Cons

    Shopify Plus

    • Pros:

      • Easy to use and quick to set up.
      • Extensive app marketplace.
      • Strong automation tools.
    • Cons:

      • Limited customization compared to BigCommerce.
      • Higher reliance on third-party apps for extended functionality.
      • Transaction fees unless using Shopify Payments.

    BigCommerce Enterprise

    • Pros:

      • Highly customizable with flexible APIs.
      • Strong built-in SEO capabilities.
      • No additional transaction fees.
    • Cons:

      • Can be more complex to set up and manage.
      • Fewer native automation tools.
      • Smaller app marketplace compared to Shopify.


    The choice between Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise depends on your specific business needs. Shopify Plus is often preferred for its ease of use, strong automation features, and extensive app ecosystem. BigCommerce Enterprise is favored for its flexibility, advanced customization options, and robust built-in features. Both platforms offer powerful capabilities for enterprise-level e-commerce operations, but understanding your business priorities will help determine the best fit.